We live in a content-saturated world. The advent of the digital era has meant that everyday we are exposed to a plethora of content from a multitude of different channels.

As more and more content producers vie for our online attention our attention levels are diminishing.Our content consumption behaviours are changing as we grow fatigued from this content overload.

This new fragmented and ephemeral content consumption environment we now live in has made us lazy in how we consume content.

Switching from one content piece to another is commonplace. …

If you’re looking to scale your content marketing efforts and drive explosive traffic to your website you really need to understand the content marketing flywheel and apply it in your business. There are two simple components.

Repurposing content

Let’s say you’ve written a blog post and you’ve published it to your website. You can then repurpose that blog post into a video. In fact, this very article has been repurposed from a video!

Another example would be taking a podcast, getting it transcribed and repurposed into a blog post which can then rank in the search engines.

Diversified distribution

This is really where the…

When SaaS companies talk about customer acquisition they often focus on the more glamorous paid acquisition channels like Google and Facebook.

Email outreach tends to play second fiddle in such discussions. In reality it often comprises the lion’s share of an organisation’s customer conversions. But because it’s not as sexy as Facebook or Google ads, it gets less airtime.

Regardless of the level of automation you’re using in email outreach it still requires grunt work to be successful. It’s this grunt work that puts a lot of people off — they’d rather run a “set and forget” ad. …

In this article we’re going to do a deep dive into Google’s Featured Snippets. What are they, why do they matter? And how can you get yourself to rank inside a featured snippet?

If you haven’t heard of a featured snippet before, it is essentially some texts, a table or a list that Google’s pulled out from a website and presented it in the search results that directly addresses someone’s search query.

What is a Featured Snippet?

Here’s an example — we typed in “best time to post on Facebook”. And as you can see from the screegrab below the top results is a featured…

One of the narratives that gained a fair bit of attention in 2020 was that around micro SaaS. Surprisingly it’s not a new term. It’s ostensibly been around for over a decade. The term was first coined by Tyler Tringa in reference to his own company, Storemapper, in itself an exemplar of micro SaaS.

What is micro SaaS?

We’re going to revert to Tyler’s definition as he so eloquently summed it up as the following:

“A SaaS business targeting a niche market, run by one person or a very small team, with small costs, a narrow focus, a small but dedicated user base and…

Before investing in new content we always recommend to our customers that they spend some time and effort updating old content. There are three reasons why you want to do this:

  • Google loves fresh content.
  • There’ll be many articles on your website that are just not quite there in the rankings. They may either be at the bottom of page 1 or the top of page 2. All they need is a little bit of effort to move them up the search results.
  • It’s generally more affordable than investing in new content.

A case in point

One of our customers is a sports site…

We write content for a wide array of different SaaS businesses, from HR to healthcare and financial services to marketing. We take great pride in the scope of our content writing expertise.

However, one of the ongoing challenges we face is helping get the blog articles we write for our customers to rank in the search engines.

As you well know SEO is a marathon not a sprint. The hard yards you put in today will end up often only coming to fruition months down the road.

Or maybe never. There are no guarantees in SEO. At Contentellect we have…

MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is a core SaaS metric. Amidst an alphabet soup of SaaS acronyms like ARPU, CAC, and LTV, MRR is still considered to be the most important for obvious reasons — it’s the lifeblood of any SaaS company.

Since Marc Benioff invented SaaS back in 1999, it’s been growing steadily ever since. According to Gartner by 2022 the SaaS market could be worth over $140 billion equating to an annualised growth rate of 17% since start of 2020. Unsurprisingly Covid-19 has been a catalyst for SaaS growth due to its congruence with remote working.

Diving deeper into MRR

MRR is simply…

As humans we have very short attention spans and if you’re not capturing someone’s attention within the first few seconds of them landing on your website they are going to bounce and go elsewhere.

In this article we are going to show you how to fix the three most common article introduction mistakes. Let’s take a look at the blog article introduction below:

So bad?

The introduction is from an article about invoicing software for small businesses. …

This is a question which is increasingly gaining salience within the public discourse. One would be naive to think that the notion of machines replacing wordsmiths derives only from the current epoch.

As far back as 1953, Roald Dahl in a short story from the book Someone Like You, expressed an Orwellian scenario where a machine known as the Great Automatic Grammatizator was able to write prize-winning novels based on the works of living authors in only 15 minutes.

Since those days AI has emerged from being a field of study to forming an integral part of technology within modern…

Marc Bromhall

Co-founder of content marketing agency, Contentellect. They create high quality, search-optimized content for SME’s.

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